HPVEC Wright College LPN Program Summer 2014


Hi... I received my acceptance email today for the Summer LPN program. Is there anyone else joining me??? I signed up for the day classes. Let's keep each other updated and I will be seeing you at orientation May 28th...



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do you know when we register for classes?

I can't believe orientation is only 4 days before classes start.

I am planning on taking the night lectures but my lab will be during the day.


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I agree! Looking at the orientation date as well as the deadlines to submit paperwork is giving me a headache... We have less than 3 weeks to have our medical forms filled out. And they still don't have an answer as to when the registration dates are.

How do you know which schedule you will be attending? I submitted my application with "Day Schedule"... I'm assuming it'll be 9-3pm?


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Yeah, and I have to let my work schedule know what days i'm available so I was hoping to get my class schedule set already.

I might go in myself this week and ask them!

I just looked on my.ccc.edu for summer 2014 and searched for Nursing 150 and Nursing 152.

There's a day lecture at 9-11am wed thurs and the night lecture is 430-630 on mondays and tuesdays!


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I emailed them and they said it should be sent via email soon but it is getting down to the last minute. I also have to let my job know my schedule. I agree with this paperwork being such a headache. I have to work full time and find time to get everything done. smh:nailbiting::no:

Hello all!!

I just created an account!!

I was also accepted into the LPN program starting this summer :)

Congrats to us all...can't wait to meet you guys.

I signed up for evening courses!!


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Congrats, to all of you!!!!

I hope you all are doing well, I also got accepted but I was not eligible for loans or financial aid so I was unable to attend:-(. How is the program? Again, I wish you ALL nothing but success and good luck!!!!!!


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@pinup_queen85. I'm a future LPN student at Wright….Just was wondering how the program is going.