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I started this thread to provide information to anyone currently enrolled in, or thinking about enrolling in, a Psych NP program who may be interested in learning more about the HPSP scholarship through the Air Force. As someone who combed the internet thoroughly to find more information about the HPSP application process, specifically as it pertained to NP's, I can confidently say there is a dearth of updated information available online. Fortunately, I was recently awarded the HPSP scholarship for PMHNP's, and I am now in the position to share my experiences with anyone who may interested in learning more about the scholarship.

Please feel free to respond to my thread, or send me a PM!


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I messaged you. Thanks


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I tried to respond to your message, but I apparently do not have access to the private message option as a new member. Could you please send me your email?


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Could you send me a email please so I can ask you some questions regarding the program


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Hi Kcanno13,

I have been searching for days to find more information about pursuing the military scholarship for PMHNP. I am so thankful that you have put this out there as an offer for more information and congratulations on both the scholarship and acceptance into grad school. As an unpublished member, I don't have access to PM yet... annoying, but please contact me at derekross1atyahoodotcom. I hope to hear from you soon! Thanks



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* Refer to edited comment below


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Cassie RNccrn and Rower19, it might simplify things if you email me your questions directly. You can contact me at kendall.cannon@umaryland.edu. I check this email account multiple times a day.


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Hello Kcanno13,

can I email you as well? I have applied to the HPSP as well and I am currently doing my 2nd semester on a full-time basis. I'm in a DNP-FNP program. I am going for MEPS in 5 days.

I need some information regarding the personal experience. Thank you.


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Hi! I have a few questions and I know this is super old. Are you still available ?


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Hello, is it still okay to email you with questions about HSPS PMHNP?


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Leave a message with your phone number and I can call you. My email is kendall.cannon@umaryland.edu.


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Hi! Would I be able to email you? I am about to start nursing school and am deciding between two schools. I want to learn a bit more about your experience to see if it is something I am interested in. If so, it would affect which school I choose. Thank you!