Hows long after DODMERB will you get cleared and go to board


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I took my eye and med physical today. The eye doctor said eyes were great and no problems found. The med doctor said the only thing he found was the hearing test were Imy numbers were a little off in the higher frequencies, he went on to say he didnt think they would have a problem with it.

My question to my fellow dedicated colleagues is. When can I expect to hear something formal from DODMERB and subsequently my recruiter about comission board. Will I have to appear at the comissioning board or do they only look at all the information and make a descision.

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It is my understanding that your Physical is submitted electronically and processed in FT Knox.. your recruiter is able to look online and validate when your Physical status is 'green' - meaning your a go and its processed. At that point I do not think your physical is that pertinent to your packet - they are not there to re-judge your physical condition... rather the remainder of your packet.

So your physical goes up - gets processed, feedback is good - then you assemble your packet and are able to submit.. other items are your resume, letters of recommendation, security paperwork, signed bonus statement, statement of motivation.... copy of birth cert, ssn card, marriage license (if applicable)... and this is all collected the recruiter and sent forward to a board.. boards convene about once a month, and feedback should very quick - decision should be available within 1-2wks of the board date... easily.

no you won't be present at the board for an interview...

all my statements assume you are processing for the Army ;)

But.. i believe the navy and af are very similar to my snapshot summary.



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Thank You for your reply. I have already submitted all my paperwork to my recruiter and yes I am going Army Reserve.


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it took about a week to get medically cleared and qualified after my physical, hearing and vision exams. you will get letter from DOD

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