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So i have to write a the BON because i had a retail theft as juvenile so i cant obtain my license yet due to this misdemeanor how do i go about writing this .....and i have mob action on my record but they only brought up the retail theft record... What The Heck man??? what i do should i add the mob action too??... only got arrested never had to go to court for either and both charges were dropped, although they only bought up the retail theft incident these were all juvenile crimes never committed any problems as a adult, so im stressed my past really caught up to me !! HELP PLEASE!!!!!

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Please read the info in our sticked thread found at the bottom of the forum:

FAQ: Nursing Licensure With Criminal History

Post #4 contains info re sending to BON evidence of rehabilitation:

Don't you just hate when they post "The sky is the limit"! Anywho you would go to your circuit clerk office and ask for the NC(no complaint docket) and write up a statement explaining who, what, when where, how. The you would tell them how you made a stupid mistake and how you have moved on since then. It's that simply sugar. Make sure you have them to certify the back of the NC. Let me know if you need help. Don't worry you'll be fine. I've seen worst.

Thank You Sooooo Much !! ;)

I'm in the process of writing mine as well. I also need 3-5 professional charactor letters and this is only to be approved for the CNA exam.

How did things work out for you?

Wish you well!

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