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How to show awards and volunteer work on new-grad resume


I am a new ASN graduate, with no health related job history. I have two questions about my resume:

1. I received the "Academic Award" at pinning. A pretty non-informative title to list with no explanation. The program had a paragraph about integrity and critical thinking and communication and compassionate care, but mainly it was for having the highest GPA in the class. How should I show and describe it on my resume?

2. I have volunteered at a local hospital for the past year, doing basically pct work in the recovery area of the GI lab. I have it under volunteer work on my resume, with a description of my duties. The online applications I have filled out populate it from my resume into the job experience section. They have no section for volunteer work. Should I keep it under job experience, calling the title "volunteer" and the salary $0? Or remove it and have nothing relevant in the experience section?

1. You can add a mention of your academic award under your education section

2. Job experience and volunteer experiences are two separate things. I would not try to place volunteer experience under the job slot on applications. It might be viewed negatively. If you have no work experience then you have no work experience...leave it blank. You can keep the volunteer info for your résumé.