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How to sell my Medical Assisting experience


Hello nurses!

I get it, RN experience does not a CMA make, but I do believe that at least some of the skills I have learned as a medical assistant will overlap into the nursing profession. The problem as far as I can tell is selling it that way to a prospective employer.

I realize it is a bit early for me to start getting frustrated. I only passed my boards weeks ago, but I have a profound fear that my job hunt will last a long time--my Job Search as a CMA lasted 3.5 years--so I hope one can understand a little bit of paranoia on my part.

A couple more things about my situation: I did apply to an RN position that opened up at my current job, but I work in research--which has taught me many things, that will translate into a nursing role (IV starts, meticulous charting, specific time point blood and urine collection, etc.) but it isn't ideal to start my RN career where I work now, owing to a limited patient load among other things.

Has anyone else taken the medical assistant to RN path? Do you remember anything that helped you land your first RN position? Any help would be great!

I am not a nurse nor a MA, but what poped into my head is making sure it is in your resume clearly and maybe have a little paragraph of the duties you did as an MA to help them know what your experiances and duties were. Good Luck hopefully you will be wrong and it won't be as long as you are dreading

As much as I hate being wrong, mvm2, I hope I'm wrong too!

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Has anyone else taken the medical assistant to RN path?

I did complete a medical assisting program back in 2000, but never managed to find employment as a medical assistant.