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How to respectfully quit?

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I graduated with my bsn in the fall and immediately applied to multiple rn postions in acute care. In total i applied to 70ish positions. 3 months later i had not gotten any call backs. i assumed i wouldn't be getting hired and pick up a job at a nursing home. I started orientation and after the first day got a call from a manager offering me a position in acute care.

is there anyway to quit without management at this nursing home black listing me and trying to destroy my career. During the orientation they made it clear they would go after people who detracted without giving 2 weeks notice. I honestly see no way out of this. From the nursing homes persepctive what im about to do is irredeemable. I dont know when i'll be starting the new position but i want to leave the nursing home before they pay to train me further. Any advice is appreciated, doing something like this isn't natural to me.

Find out what your start date is and give a two week notice at the present job based on that start date. Hopefully your start date is two weeks out. If not, you did the best that you could. Talk to them about it. They should not make you continue your orientation based on the circumstances. Do not worry about the blacklisting. Nothing you can do about that anyway.

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I guess I don't understand why you would not give two weeks notice? That is standard across all industries.

I have no idea what that employer means by "going after" someone who has not given 2 weeks' notice when resigning, and the fact that you feel that they would "try to ruin your career" speaks volumes. I personally don't appreciate being threatened upon taking a new job, so they'd turn me off from the getgo.

I never recommend a hasty retreat or insufficient notice because it just doesn't look good on your resume, makes you appear less stable to future employers. However, if you leave this one for the acute care job AND STAY at that job for a respectable period of time, that first job won't mean more than a blip on the radar. Stay at the new job only a few months and it will look like a pattern.

Good luck to you!