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How physician practices are weathering financial storm of Covid-19 crisis.


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Had my 3rd telehealth visit this month today. First was video conference, 2nd telelink from Physical Therapist to set-up electonic stim parameters, today's just telephonic --" I hope to be able to see you in a month in the office to see how new med is working". All four of my husbands physician in office visits cancelled end of March with plan for rescheduling after stay at home orders lifted.

How it's working in my area: MA's call patient from office, ask patient if they can take own temp, BP/HR, review med list, confirm current pharmacy, completes EMR record, hangs up then physician immediately calls you/sends computer videolink or face time. Sure glad today's visit was a phone call as I'd sent computer message to doctor yesterday re generic med not working like brand and awoken from sleep so still in my pj's not expecting visit today.

Physician practices are looking for ways to weather the financial storm of coronavirus


COVID-19 means hospitals need doctors, and doctors need work. Pa. innovators are connecting them.

A Pennsylvania doctor’s web site is among the efforts to address staffing problems created by COVID-19.


My hospital's major cardiology group immediately went down the list of all patients with devices to determine if any might need urgent replacement. They're also doing 'drive by' pacemaker checks in front of the building. You don't even have to get out of the car, just pull up out front, the pacemaker tech hands you the wand and steps back 6 feet to interrogate the pacer. They're even doing labs and PT/INR's in the driveway.