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How much do patient safety attendants earn per hour?

I live in NJ and have an interview as a patient safety attendant. If hired, I'm only going to be working 1 day a week for 8 hours and every other weekend. How much do patient safety attendants earn per hour? Also, if the job says every other weekend, does this mean fri-sun? or sat/sun?


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Depending on the state it's typically a tiny bit more than minimum wage. As for weekends again it's typically sat/sun but thats something you'll want to ask in your interview.

well I'm currently a sitter/safety aid also in a hospital in NJ. At my current hospital we make a pretty good penny. well to be exact I make $11.50 for day shift which is 7-3, and $2 dollars more for 3-11 and $3.20 for 11-7 plus a dollar extra for working on the weekends. I love my job and i have been doing this for almost 2 years now while attending nursing school. Thank god I graduated and I am actively interviewing. So you do make good money depending on the facility, and you gain alot of experience. I am only specking from my experience. Good luck!!:up:


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