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How many Nursing Schools should i apply?

by hayvan413 hayvan413 (New) New

How many Nursing Schools Should I apply to have a good chance of getting in?

adventure_rn, BSN

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That depends entirely on how strong a candidate you are, and how competitive the schools in your area are.

Even if you're an exceptional candidate, I'd apply to at least 2-3. If not, I'd cast a very wide net and consider applying to even more, or plan to work on building your resume.

Kitkat222, BSN, RN

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It really depends on your your resume, experience, and gpa. I couldn't really give you a set number of schools to apply to, because even if you applied to many school I'd have to know how competitive you are in relation to those schools.

If I were you I'd apply to a couple schools that have an average similar to your gpa, a few that are above your gpa (if they're of interest to you) and then a couple of "safe schools" aka schools that average below your gpa. This way, you'll have a variety of schools to hopefully choose from.

Good luck!

you need to apply to exactly 6 schools.

I only applied to one. I just made sure I was a competitive candidate first.


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Like everybody else stated, apply to as many schools as you qualify for. Also, consider applying to BSN programs as well, if you are only applying to ASN programs.