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How many interviews before you landed you first job?

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A little background, I currently work for a hospital in their nutrition department. In April I started applying for Nursing Jobs about a month before graduation. I got a call from a nurse recruiter rather quickly. She told me that as soon as I graduated she would start scheduling me for interviews and that my chances for getting a job within the organization were good as the last couple years they have been able to get jobs for all internal new grads. In May I graduated and in June I had 2 interviews and did not get either position. I am scheduled for 2 more interviews but I am starting to get discouraged. Is it normal to have so many interviews before being offered a job?

As long as you have interviews that means they are still interested! Stay positive and good luck

What happens on an interview? Why is that they are not interested? What do they look for?

I have a potential job offer waiting for me, and I only went to one interview. I had another interview beforehand scheduled but it was at the same time as a clinical rotation for school that I could not reschedule and the interviewers at the other place were not able to reschedule me either.

I have peers who had 4-5 interviews before getting their first job. Usually getting interviews is a good sign-- it means that out of the bunches of applicants the place got, you were in the top 10-20% to be considered.


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