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How many credits per quarter?

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Just curious how many credits per quarter everyone is taking.

I plan on doing 15 during the fall. I really want to get these pre-reqs completed.


i am taking 6 credits (2 classes) per semester. I work full-time, and I have a year to complete my non-nursing classes before I start the program. at my school, you do not have to take these classes ahead of time, but since i plan on continuing to work full-time while in the nursing program, i am trying to get as many classes out of the way ahead of time as possible.


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Hi Memories,

I took 15 hours each semester for my pre reqs. I have a family with 4 kids and worked full time 2 semesters, so I am going to feel a little less stressed when I start NS in August taking only 12 hours. NOT!!! Anyway, it took me 2 semesters and a summer to get all my pre reqs finished. Good luck~

I take about 13 credits each semester. I have two young kids and work part time. I have found it's not so much the number of credits I take, but how many classes I take. Fall semester I had 6 classes for a total of 13 credits and this spring I only had 4 classes for a total of 13. The more classes I have, the more I have to keep track of stuff and it's maddening!

i took 17 hrs last spring, 12 this summer, and 18 this fall, starting nursing classes in spring 08

Technically my transcript reads that I took 27 hours last semester. I look as though I am a super student. Truth is, I only took 8 hours on campus 7 hours over Christmas break (which is included in the spring) and 12 hours of online classes (which if you ask me, are easier than campus classes and require much less time)

This past semester I had 13.5 units. In the summer I plan on having 7 and in the fall 13 again. I'm trying to have just enough units to be full time, because the advisers keep telling us the physiology and anatomy classes are hard. They even suggested taking them at other nearby colleges. The fall shouldn't be too bad though cause 5 of the units is French so I can brush up on everything I've forgotten since high school 7 years ago. hehe

I usually take 6-11 units, depending on the class. I try not to take 2 science classes at once because you need to have good grades to get in the RN program at my school. You can't apply until you have all your pre-reqs either. I also have a son who is approaching his terrible twos!

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