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How many candidates are interviewed per position?

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Does anyone know how many candidates the VAMC interviews per position?

(I had an interview earlier this week and this is my way of obsessing about the outcome until I find out if I will be made an offer)

So, I was just curious if anyone knew how many candidates are generally interviewed for an open administrative nursing position--there is only 1 vacancy.

Of course, I'm dying to know what aprox. salary might be if offered, but it would likely be greater than what I have now...don't want to put the cart before the horse so to speak.

Thanks in advance!

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Depends on the number of qualified candidates

Salary depends on where the hospital is located and on your qualifications. Read the VA Hiring Process thread.

The number of people interviewed depends on the number of qualififed candidates applying. There might be two or fifty....and that's a random number.

Salary, like pfchang said, is very variable. A person comes on board with a grade, a level, a 'step' in the pay scale. NO ONE online can possibly tell you what you would be making, not even a ballpark.

It's a long process regardless of where you are in it, though, so if you REALLY are interested, there's lots of time to obsess about LOTS of it :)

Check the posting you responded to when you applied. There should be a salary range listed but it it typically broad.