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I graduated from LPN school this past June. Everyone keeps asking me when am I going to go on to earn my RN license. How long did it take you to go back to school? Was it right away or did you work for a while?:nurse: And for those of you who worked first, was it more beneficial or would you have gone back right away if you could do it over again?:clown:


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Congrats! You're on the right track... I just got my LVN this month and I dont want to wait too long so I will try and enter a RN bridge program in October. Try not to wait too long and get too comfortable... Good Luck.

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I graduated June 2008. I am starting my transition program Friday, so I have worked as a LPN for a little more than a year. At my school, the timing was off so I couldn't go right back even if I wanted to.


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I graduated this July, and start my RN on monday!!! granted the only reason I got my LPN was so I could bridge (quicker than traditional in my case) but quite a few people in my LPN class are completing their pre-req's and will be able to start RN in the next 1-2 semesters. For me personally I feel I need to keep the momentum going since I'm in hunker down and study mode, but I can totally understand needing a break from it all.

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I completed an LVN program in October 2005 and will graduate from an RN program in March 2010. So, the gap is roughly 4.5 years.


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I am not a nurse, but my cousin is an RN. She was an LPN for 8 years, and had now been an RN for 5 years. For her, the experience as an RN helped her in transitioning into being an RN. There is always time, so if you want to wait, wait.

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I graduated with my LPN in May 92 and ADN in May 94 - stayed in school.

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