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How long do i wait for negotiating salary pay?

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So I got a job offer but the pay was lower than what I make now. I asked for even a higher pay amount based on my skills , performance, etc. And because I already took a pay cut at my current job already and seeking a new one. After I told HR I needed some time to think it over, the DON called and told me to call her back in a few days to discuss the pay I desire. I called yesterday and she said she was waiting to hear from administration (?) And if she could follow up with me today and told me not to give up on them but I didn't get a call? I have been offered other job interviews but this is where I want to be esp because it will be alot closer to my new house and babysitter. And now I'm starting to feel worried, should I just go in person tomorrow and talk with her or how long do I wait?! Orientation will start in two weeks and I just want to secure the job too. Does HR control payroll? Help!

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Administration controls pay -- not HR. HR is usually just following the guidelines they have been given. Likewise, the DON might not have the final say. In most institutions, it's the Administration.

If this is the job you really want, I would think that it would be worth a slight pay cut. How big of a pay cut are we talking about? How much more is the other place offering you? How much less does that other job appeal to you? This is information we don't have -- but that you need to consider.

I would contact our 1st choice employer to find out the current status -- but having your decision made up depending on what they tell you. Make the decision as to what you will say if they say that they cannot offer you more money. If you decide to take their offer anyway, say "thank you for trying" and accept the offer: you will be starting your new job on good terms with them. If you decide to work at the other place, tell them how sorry you are that you won't be able to accept their offer because they are your 1st choice, but that your family finances require you to take another offer at a significantly higher rate of pay.

Good luck.

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