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How long it takes to receive Att, once you submitted your application to state

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Hello All

I am new in this website, anyways, I graduated from LVN program on December 2008, from one of the vocational school in northern California. Like my other classmates, I submitted my application "my paper work" to the NCBSN, on February, 20, 2009. And now it been almost 3 months, I haven't received my (ATT). My other classmates, they received theirs and already made an appointment to take the test ( some of the them already passed too ) So I am wondering, why is it taking mine so long? And how can I find out if they got my application? I called my school couple of times but they are telling me to wait. I am so frustrated; I really need to take my test. Please can anyone tell me what I should do at this point?

Thank you for reading any feedback will be helpful!

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If your school sent in their end of the paperwork then you should have your ATT by now. 3 months is a long time...I got mine in 3 weeks. Some of my classmates were waiting and waiting and finally called the BON only to find out that some of their paperwork was incorrect or missing. The only way to find out any time soon is to just go ahead and make the phone call.


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My school was hopefully submitting paperwork this week and it was estimated that we'll get our ATT mid to late June.

I received mine in 2 weeks after submitting the application for licensure. You should definitely give the BON a call.

Wow..that is such a long time. I received my Att in about 2 weeks. But I my sent my school information to the state board like a month before I applied for the NCLEX exam.

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Just under a month. I sent my application to the state about 2 weeks before graduation, and I requested that my transcript be sent to the BON as soon as possible. The ATT arrived about a week after graduation.

If it's been 3 months, definitely call your BON. It could be possible that your application is missing something and they're waiting on you.


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It should take about 3 weeks. I remember though that our instructor told us that if you provide your e-mail address you'll receive your okay to test by e-mail only and will NOT get a paper letter. The problem with that is that a lot of times it goes to your junk mail folder, so I would check that out first. I just talked to a nurse yesterday who said that when she took her NCLEX she too was worried because she hadn't received her letter for 3 months. When she investigated, this is exactly what happened to her. She got it by e-mail and her e-mail account had filtered it to her junk mail.

I registered with Pearson online last week and mailed my paperwork with state last week..hoping the school sends our transcripts soon...want to take NCLEX and get it over with!!! I would definitely follow up if 3 months went by..I would follow up after 1 month..and check junk e mail file..when you use e mail , its what they use to communicate with you

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