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How long to take NCLEX-RN

by britny_kiwi3 britny_kiwi3 (New) New

I am just finishing my third year of my BSN. I will be graduating next May (2011). I am a little confused about some timing details. Are there long waits to take the NCLEX-RN or could i take it within 4 weeks of graduation? Also, during that 4 weeks, do i work as a graduate nurse if i have already been hired? How much do graduate nurses make? Thanks!

Timing for taking NCLEX after graduation depends a lot on how efficient your school is getting the documentation to the Board. Lots of new grads get jobs with requirements for passing the NCLEX. Depends upon the employer as to their job description, requirements to be hired, and pay and benefits, as well as what happens if the employee does not pass NCLEX by the stated deadline.