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How long for licensure #?

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Hello and Happy Holidays!

I passed my LVN NCLEX in August and was required to submit a letter of "circumstance" in regards to a prior conviction from many years ago. Most of my fellow graduates are working as LVN's, but I am still waiting to hear from the State Board in regards to this issue. I called to verify that they have received my documents. Any ideas? Has anyone else out there had to wait so long? I know another girl in my class is waiting as well.

Frustrated and broke in California-:confused:

tyvin, BSN, RN

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I don't have any idea how long it takes I just wanted to tell you that it is so unfair that you are still waiting. Are they giving you a time or what are they saying?

I know this sounds cliche but I would call and write my state representatives and congress people including the governor. I know a couple of people who have gotten results like that. Other then that I don't know what to tell you except that I hear you and will be hoping for the best.

canesdukegirl, BSN, RN

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I had to wait several weeks for my licensure #. When I called my BON to ask what was taking so long, they told me that my fingerprints were not done correctly and had to be re-done. I was SO MAD!!! I had passed the boards in May and was due to start my new RN job in July, but had to wait until Sept to start because of this hiccup. When I asked why they didn't send me a letter or call, they said that they DID send a letter. Nope. No letter was received. After lots and lots of calling, I finally found out that an assistant at the BON had misfiled my letter.

It is always good to be proactive about these things. CALL THE BON!

Hi guys,

I did call to verify that my documents and letter was received (we all know how things can get lost) and at that time I did ask my agent if he had any idea how long this process will take. In his reply he stated with all the Furlow Fridays things are taking longer than usual. It's so embarrassing b/c I told everyone I passed my exam but I am the only one not issued with a license verification online. I am positive many of my fellow students are looking online to see if I have been issued a license number and thinking that I lied about passing my exam, plus, I sure need to start working at a decent wage. Ive had to defer loan payments and take a job as a unit secretary just to pay the bills (not that I mind) but shoot- Ive worked for so long to get to this point, ya know!:uhoh3:

Thank you for your responses, it always helps to vent!