How long to keep baby in nursery??????

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i just had a baby 11 weeks ago (normal delivery) baby ok. i had her on me straight away and she did not leave my sight during the time in hospital, apart from when i had a bath after delivery and dad had her. Baby's are not taken away from you unless a problem. Just a quick question when she had her ante natal didnt they ask how she wanted to feed baby and recorded it in her hand held notes?

Hope she is doinfg fine and all is going ok with her and the baby :)


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Actually, it is REALLY easy to roll mom on her side and position for side-lying nursing right after a c-section. But that does require a staff member that knows how to do this and who will not only get mom into position with pillows but also sit next to the bed with a hand on the baby and help get the latch.

It always makes me laugh that most folks woking in OB field think nothing of having several med students in a room all staring at the vagina and rectum of a woman whose name they don't even know while she is pregnant or giving birth, but run away livid with embarrasment at the sight of a boobie!


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I have a question about how long hospitals keep baby's in the nursery after they are born. I'm asking this because my friend just had a baby girl this weekend. She had her via C-cection at about 2:00 in the afternoon. She didn't get to see her baby until about 6:15 at night. I was suprised, because when I had my son 2 years ago, they gave him right to me and let me hold him for about 1/2 hour to hour before they took him to do tests and stuff. But then they brought him right back within probably 1-2 hours at the MOST. I had my son natural, so is it because of the c-cection they kept her longer? I just thought that wasn't very good, because baby's need to be with their mother. My friend also said she wanted to breast feed, and when the nurses brought the baby back, they said they gave her some formula. I don't understand why they would do this? My friend was in recovery for about an hour, and then she was in her room for about 2 hours before they gave the baby to her. It didn't make any since to me and I was wondering if this was normal, or if this hospital just doesn't know what they are doing. Thanks!!!

I work in a Level I/II Nursery in a small hospital in my town and we have different policies depending on the situation. A c/s baby is brought to the nursery for temp stablization. If the mom is going to breastfeed then we get the baby out to her as soon as she comes out of recovery. If the baby is a bottle baby then we keep it in the nursery until the temp is 98.6 axillary..then we give the bath...then once the temp is back up to 98.6 and it has been two hours we feed the baby a bottle (usually 1 oz). We do this to make sure that the baby is not going to have any initial problems with the esophagus and such. 3-4hours is about average for a c/s baby. Now vaginal births are different. The mom gets the baby for about 1/2 hour to bond...and longer if the baby is a breast baby. But then the policy is the same...98.6..bath...98.6..out to mom.

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