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How long to get your "sit pass"?

by Lola77 Lola77 (Member)

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Hi everyone,

After you graduated and applied to the state of Florida, how long did it take for you to receive your "sit pass"?



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I graduated in March of this year and had my sit pass within two weeks of graduation. Graduation was March 9th and I sat for my NCLEX on March 27th. The wait seems like a long time if you are anxious to take the test, but in reality it went very quickly!


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Holy cow!! LOL!! That is fast!! I suppose I should be studying for NCLEX. . .

chicookie, BSN, RN

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I got it withing the month of graduating.I finished in Aug got in Sept :D I didn't take it till Oct. Failed. Took it again in Dec and passed. :D


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Do you have to send in your fingerprints?

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