How long to get License Number


I passed the nclex and it's been a week and a half since I submitted my $162 fee to get the license. Anyone know how long Hawaii takes to give a license after one has passed their exam? There's no info as far as duration on their website and the phones always leave me on hold for forever.


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I took and passed the NCLEX on August 20th of last year and after I paid the licensing fee it wasn't until mid October that my license was finally active. Some of my classmates' licenses were active after about 2-3 weeks, but there were a few like me who had to wait 1-2 months until we could search for our licenses on the licensing website. A couple of my classmates tried calling in the hopes that it'd speed up the processing of their paperwork, but it really didn't do much for them.


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Thanks I find it ridiculous that it takes them a month to assign a number once the applicant has passed. My potential employer has been holding a job for me until they can issue a temp license. It has been a month since I passed my NCLEX and 3 weeks since they have received the payment and still nothing.


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I got mine the day after the state verified my Washington license.


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I finally got my license. The rumor of them working at Island time is true. I have never dealt with people so calm and lackadaisical. They don't care how long it takes.glad it's done and over with.


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Im waiting for my license number too. I passed my test on Aug. 19 and paid a week after but until now no license number yet on pvl.


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How long did it take til you saw your license number posted on PVL website?