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How long did you wait before you got accepted into nursing school, what was your goa


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Hello everyone! I'm new to this website and so far I'm liking it!:) I live in the Bay Area in California not far from San Francisco and I just started applying to community colleges for the ADN program last year. In 2009, I applied to 6 schools all of them except one are based on the lotto. One community college has a waitlist of at least two years. So now I will be reapplying again from October to January since they all have different application times. I'm a little frustrated and at the same time anxious and scared. It seems like I'm always waiting and I feel like I'm wasting my time when I should be doing something productive. But I'm not qualified for anything and no one is hiring. I recently lost my job and now I live off of unemployment. I kind of worry for the future. My boyfriend and I are talking about getting married in the near future and I'm about to be 32 soon and I don't have any children yet. So we are hoping to start a family in the near future as well. I would like to focus on my future career as a nurse when I get into the program but I also want to start a family as well. I'm kind of babbling and venting but can anyone give me words of wisdom or encouragement? These are trying times right now with the economy being so bad. Thanks!

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I have a 4.0, just applied to LPN school. No waiting list where I go, so we find out by the end of October if we are accepted for January start.


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For two schools, I have to wait until the middle of November to find out if I get accepted for Spring 2011. For the accelerated BSN program I applied to, I have to wait until December.


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Hi SerenePeach! Going to an accelerated BSN program would have been great but I cannot afford the one in my area. So I have to go the junior college approach. Fortunately they all have very good ADN programs. I totally know what you are going through with the waiting game. Good luck and best wishes!

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I'm in a similar situation as you. I'm not working, and applied to an accelerated BSN program for Fall 2010. However, they take about 50-55 students and they filled up by the time my application reached them. The good news is, they never rejected me; all they are doing is holding my app for the Spring 2011 semester for review. So, I have to wait till Oct/Nov to hear from them. In the meantime, I've applied to an Accelerated ASN program at the CC by me for Spring 2011 as well. It's only 3 semesters long. However, if I get an acceptance from the ABSN program, I'm going for that (I'll just be 1 semester behind the ASN program). I rather come out with a BSN than an ASN, since my goal is the Masters anyways.

Now, I wouldn't have applied for these programs unless they participate in the Tuition Waiver/Work Study Program that Unemployment has. You may want to look into that in your area. What the program does is they pay for your tuition, and you are responsible for books, uniforms, or other items.

I'm on my own, and paying my rent and bills on my own. I would advise you to hang in there. Do what you can to cut corners to save money. You aren't alone. Good luck to you.


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Hi mzchas! Thanks for the advise and encouragement! I will look into more about the Waiver/Work study program. I need all the help I can get! =)


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I'll be on the waitlist on Thursday (when grades come in) and I'm told it's 2 years.

I have a 3.88 gpa. But my school's waitlist is not GPA based. It's first come first serve.

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I was admitted first time I applied with a 2.54, yeah pretty crappy GPA but I screwed up with classes with genED classes from my previous major, but made a name for myself the instructors and hospital


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Got in after a year and a half of doing pre-reqs with a 4.0