How long does CRNBC assessment usually take?

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how long does crnbc assessment usually take? and when is the time that you can apply for temporary registration to work as a nurse @ Canada? thanks a lot. :lol2:

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their website has all of the information.. i am pretty sure it is something like 6-8 weeks... and they have cut off days for registration. But you should take a look at the website and all the info should be there

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At the moment they are backlogged, so it will take longer for your

file to be fully assessed.

You will have to be very patient, but you can contact crnbc or your assessor

for current information.

Good luck!

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You cannot apply for a temp licence until after assessment and writing the exam I believe.

Thanks a lot for the info.. :D

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You may be able to get a temp license allowing you to work but it will only be issued once the college has made their assessment and deem you eligible to sit CRNE. Would suggest you check out the college website. Once you have eligibility and temp license you will still need to find a employer and obtain the correct work permit or have PR to be able to work in Canada

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