How do you know what level (1,2,3) you are for ATI tests?

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Study the ATI practice books.. trust me a lot of the answers are in them. Good luck!!!

Anyone, please show me what ATI book i will need to purchase. I WOULD LOVE TO READ IT ahead of time.


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JustBeachyNurse said:
The books are often a packaged deal that you get through your nursing program. Otherwise your online access to the ATI practice tests should include PDF/electronic versions of the ATI review books. I'm not certain if you can purchase the review books anywhere else, I'm pretty sure they are only available to those who subscribe to the ATI assessment testing program. Whether your school elects to purchase/offer the books depends on the program they choose. My program purchased the books and the online access.

Here's a list of resources from the ATI website:

You can buy the books on Ebay nowadays. Of course, it doesn't come with online access; you need a school code for that. the Ebooks can be saved to a computer; thus they can be shared electronically to other people ?

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Our teacher told us to Google "ATI Levels" and I found the same pdf. The 2016 Levels/scores are the same for the 2013 version.

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