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  1. My professor only opened up the practice assessments for the 2016 Med Surg. How different is 2016 from 2019? Usually I study quizlets, but there are none for the 2019. Also any advice to get a level 2 or 3? Thanks ?
  2. ATI Comprehensive RN 2019

    Literally re-taking my ATI Exit Exam in a few weeks. I wanted to know if anyone had any useful resources in scoring a 99% on their exam. Please DM me. I need serious help.
  3. I want to share some resources for those of you struggling to study for the TEAS or do not know where to begin. I will preface this with saying I did buy the $200 prep course from ATI and I will review it here as well. The prep course also gives you ...
  4. ATI Comp Predictor advice please!!

    Are the ATI Comp practice A & B tests similar to the proctored one in terms of material and difficulty? Or not really? How did you study to pass? I need to score an 85% probability to graduate. Thanks!
  5. I am a nursing student. I will be taking my fundamentals & mental health ATIs tomorrow. It is the end of our portion of this class, and we will be receiving a small grade for this based off of what level we score on these ATIs. I'm practicing, bu...
  6. ATI comprehensive RN Exit

    I'm prepping for my exit exam. I've been looking at everything ATI I was wondering if anyone had any additional study material they'd be willing to share ? Thank YOU!!
  7. Our school requires that we take an ATI comprehensive predictor test next month in order to graduate. We have to score in the 95th percentile. We have access to the practice comprehensive tests A and B but how do you know what percentile your actual ...
  8. I obtained a level 3 score on mental health, nursing care of the newborn, and nursing care of the child. Prior to my proctored ATI examination, I always received two weeks to prepare for the test. Exam Preparation To prepare for the examinat...
  9. 2016 ATI level cut scores

    ATI has updated their proctored exams from the 2013 version to 2016. I can't find the cut scores for each level for the updated version. I tried asking ATI themselves but of course they said to ask my instructor and she claims ATI does not provide th...

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