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Hi all.i had my interview two weeks ago and was told i'd be notified by the 2nd week in august.Now a friend of mine who is not from my country and only visiting also applied.She was told her application was denied.Now a few days ago she receives a package from the cc telling her she has been accepted.They also sent her a student visa application form which she has to return my the end of june.Can someone tell me how this is possible.She didn't even have an interview.I'm thinking she paid off someone in the department.She claims she doesn't know what happen.Just doesn't seem right to me plus she has none of the required pre-reqs that was why they rejected her application.Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks.


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That sucks! I have no idea how that happened and if I were you I would be suspicious and upset too!

There is no way anyone should be accepted if they don't have any of the prereqs done-- could they have made a mistake and sent her that stuff by accident instead of to another candidate? Maybe files got mixed up? I know around here there is no way to "buy" your way into a program; you have to earn it.

I too would be very upset if someone who had not done the requirements was accepted. That doesn't seem right at all! I would be tempted to say something to the school but that might jeopardize your chances at being accepted (if indeed this institution is so unscrupulous that they can be bought for admission I wouldn't put it past them for denying a qualified applicant who asked "too many questions" about their policies).

Even though it might not be fair, it's going to come back to bite your "friend" in the butt if she is not prepared for the courses. If she has no knowledge of anatomy or other pre-reqs it will be that much harder for her. Who knows she might just end up failing out and will have spent all that money to earn a spot in the program for nothing.

Although it's not fair, I guess the most you can do is focus on you, your classes, and getting accepted. As hard as it is, it's probably best not to focus on her and her admission to the program. Those who earn their spots are the ones who will graduate and will be better off in the long run. I'm thinking positive thoughts and hope you too get in the program.


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Maybe she has just been accepted to the school in a prenursing capacity. She may have been accepted to the school but not the nursing program. Certainly, she shoud have this clarified.


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I agree with Hotflashn. That is probably what it is.

I can not understand how a school can go around the pre req requirements.


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Honestly, the applicant from overseas most likely got in because she doesnt tie up any financial aid (i.e. Stafford Loans) Now, (especially now!) there is limited capital for student loan companies to shell out and because of that alot of schools (especially the small ones) have to scale back how much aid they distribute to their students. International students pay cash and do not qualify for aid therefore they are an easy in.

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