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I graduated from Nursing School 7 months ago. And I passed my boards 5 months ago. I have been looking for RN position for almost 7 months and have seriously put some hours in the past 3-4 months. Last month I had 3 interviews, I thought they all went well except I have not heard back from 2 of them and one of them rejected me. During nursing school I worked as research intern and have no clinical experience other than clinical from school. What can I do to increase my chances of hiring. Thank you,

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First of all - please try to keep everything in perspective. You were not "rejected"... they chose a more qualified candidate instead. It is NOT PERSONAL and failure to be chosen does not mean you are inferior, unqualified, or deficient. It just means that the employment market for new grads is very tough right now.

Make an effort to analyze the job market to get a better idea of what characteristics are important to the employers in your area. Are they hiring new grads with your degree? Are new grads limited to coming in via a transition program (internship, residency) only? If so, what is the process for applying to one of these programs? Are you looking at non-hospital employers? If possible, talk with some people 'in the know' in your area... this could be a recruiter or hiring manager ... to gain a better perspective. Be sure to attend any healthcare job fairs that come your way.

If it looks as though it may take a while to land that job in your area and an income is essential, you may need to come up with an employment Plan B while you continue to look for a nursing job.

Wishing you huge job MOJO!


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Have you been networking at all? Did you connect with any nurse managers when you were in clinicals, or do you know any nurses that would speak well of you and recommend you? Any places in your area known for hiring new grads?

NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK!!!! Are you on LinkedIn? Have you posted on FB that you're looking for work?


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I have been searching for about 3 months - not that long really - I worked on utilizing some of my "background" experience in mental health (as a counselor) so that they could see I had a lot of "clinical" experience working with patients - even if not in a nursing role - I almost landed a really nice job but they finally decided at the last minute to take someone with experience - I was not really surprised, but disappointed. I do, however, have a wonderful opportunity to come "back" to them - and they have told me to please check back with them in a year after gaining experience. I think things will be different then. So, I am searching elsewhere. I was willing to go with nursing homes, but have had no luck with any openings yet with those. Additionally, I WILL say that as an LPN (cannot speak for RN), more and more places are starting to turn away from hiring grads....not sure why. I feel certain I will get something soon to start gaining some experience as I work on my BSN.

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Have you tried applying at any long term care facilities? It's not what most of us want to do with our new RN license, but many will hire with no experience and they need nurses badly and usually have high turn over (in my area anyway), increasing your chances of landing a better shift in a few weeks. You can get some good experience there because they are a lot higher acuity than they used to be, so you will have exposure to more skills than you might think. Not to mention the patients need caring nurses, even if you only stay a few months or so and if your working as a nurse somewhere, your chances are higher of being hired when you do go for interviews elsewhere.