How do I prep for NOC?

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Hey guys!! So I'm a new NAC in Washington state (we are NACs here and not CNAs, its weird)

Anyhow, just got hired to my first job at a rehab facility and will be working nights. I've never worked nights before and need some advice on how to prepare for it? I've read some tips for dealing with being on nights and how to live healthier and sleep better once your working but what do I do to make my first few weeks the most successful and not fall asleep halfway through?

Thanks guys!!!!


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Starting out will be rough.

Start training yourself now by staying up later and later and sleeping during the day. I can't stress this enough, but take care of yourself; eat healthy, drink water, sleep when you are able to. I would usually drink a cup of coffee when I woke up and then another one while at work (or maybe a Mt. Dew or a Monster if I really wanted some sugar).

I worked 7p-7a. I would come home and sleep from around 8-4 then get up and do things I needed to do, then got ready around 6 to return by 7.

On mornings I would get off and didn't have to return, I would stay awake. It sounds hard, staying up for so long, but by the time night came around, I was more than ready for bed and was able to sleep through the night and wake up in the morning.

Some people choose not to jump back and forth with their sleep schedule, but I found it worked well for me. That's something you'll need to see on your own.

Good luck!

KayKaz23, LPN

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Thank you!! I think I will try and jump back and fourth. My boyfriend works normal hours so I want to be able to spend our days off together. I really appreciate the advice!!


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I work 7p-7a also. I do like Mirandaaa and stay up when I don't have to go in that night so that I can spend time with my family. Sometimes I do end up taking a short nap.

As for adjusting she also gave good advice. If you don't like coffee, get some Vit B12 or B complex. It'll give you the energy you need without feeling so slumped, the downside being if you start taking it regular and forget you are going to feel a bit tired. Mt. Dew is also my friend.

It also helps to keep the bedroom as dark as possible and keep the temp comfortable. We had to put in a window A/C unit since I get so hot when I sleep. Since doing that and getting darker curtains I sleep much better through the day.

While you're at work if you start feeling tired and you have nothing going on just start walking around, check on folks or something. Hard to fall asleep if you keep moving. The hardest part for me was the drive home for the first few days. Helped to roll down the windows and turn the radio up.

Hope all goes well for you.