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How I passed NCLEX-RN in 75 questions


I know there are a million threads with similar topics and I read a lot of them while preparing for boards. This is a summary of some of what I did and some of the information I found helpful.

  • My study plan
    • NCSBN review: this review had a lot of content which wasn't necessary for me because I already had a good grasp of the content.(I did HESI live review while in school). If you struggled in nursing school or feel like your lacking in some content areas this is a great way to review.
    • After completing the review course I focused on questions (I did at least 100 a day during the review). My goal was about 350 a day.
      • I did a comprehensive test (265 questions) every day in case I had to sit for all 265.
      • I used a Kaplan review book and loved the questions
      • Mastery level 7 and 8 on prep had good questions


    • NCSBN review: They have a lot of helpful mnemonics and figures that I liked. The best part of this review is the questions. Theres a ton of questions that are pretty similar to NCLEX especially the SATA. I would recommend it just for the questions.
    • Saunders Comprehensive Review: I practically read this book before Exit Hesi so I just looked over some key points, meds, and did the practice questions on the CD
    • Mosby's Comprehensive review: really tough questions helps develop critical thinking skills
    • Mosby's Review Cards: great for on the go studying, took them to work
    • Kaplan NCLEX RN Strategies, Practice, and Review with Practice Test: I liked the strategies but I honestly didn't use them much because I just was set in my ways. The practice test was really good
    • NCSBN's rx flash cards app: I was so worried about meds that I ended up wasting time trying to memorize them. This app organizes meds by class which was really helpful. I had about 3 meds on boards I only recognized the name of one, but I was able to answer the other questions because I recognized the class
    • I found this file on a forum and added a lot of my own info. https://allnurses.com/nclex-discussion-forum/those-who-looking-713336.html

Overall I think I over studied because everything you study will not be on the exam. Don't waste time trying to memorize things especially right before the test. If you can think critically and work with the things that you know in the question or the answer choices you'll be fine.

On my exam I had 3 meds, about 15-20 SATA, 5-10 reorder questions, 1 math.

General Tips

  • Relax: I read your not supposed to study the day before, but I'm not that type of person so I did about 100 questions that actually left me feeling more confident
  • Deep Breathe: We tell patients to do it all the time because it works, whenever I felt overwhelmed I looked away from the screen took a few deep breathes and refocused
  • Try to take it one question at a time. I felt like I was only getting about 50% right and I think thats normal, so take it easy
  • Don't try to figure out the test. What I mean is don't worry about the difficulty, what number your own, if you're above the standard, etc.
  • BE CONFIDENT. Don't get discouraged. You learned everything you need to know, tell yourself that over and over again.

Ok I know this is really long but it worked for me and I hope it can help someone else...... Overall I think the key for me was doing practice questions, between nursing school and NCLEX prep I probably did close to 10,000 questions. I did not find any that were the exact same on NCLEX but a had a lot that were similar to questions I saw before.

Just remember you know yourself best so develop a plan that plays to your strengths and weakness.

If anyone else has suggestions or questions feel free to add them. Let me know if this works for you.... Best of luck to everyone

Congrats!!! I passed with 75 questions also!!! GO US!!! I feel I overstudied big time I honestly do not think the NCLEX was that bad.

HappyWife77, BSN, RN

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Congrats!!! I passed with 75 questions also!!! GO US!!! I feel I overstudied big time I honestly do not think the NCLEX was that bad.

Congrats to you too!!! It's such a relief. I didn't think it was bad either, much better then I imagined it would be.


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Congrats! :) I'm taking my Nclex this september I am a full time mom I just resigned from work and It's way difficult for me to study but I will follow your guidelines. Hoping for good result. :)

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I also passed in 75 questions. All I did was about 500 questions and a quick flip through a NCLEX review book. I heard from someone that if you start to get a lot of SATA, you are doing well. Several from my class passed in 75 questions and so far, everyone has passed period. Our school has a 98% pass rate. Thankful for that, even if there were administration issues that ticked me off.

Good luck to everyone and remember, the most important tip is to relax!!

Good luck to you. You'll do great and remember I overstudied so try not to stress. I agree with Annachu512 the most important tip is to relax!