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I took the NCLEX-PN last Friday and was told it could take up to a month to get your official results but one of my classmates told me that if I go online to the BON website in about 2 days and click on lisence verification that if my name appears with a lisence number that means I passed. Well yesterday my GPN permit number was listed, and now it says nothing when I type in my name. As in "No lisence found for this person". I'm usually a calm person and was pretty cofident that I did Ok on the test but now I'm starting to freak out. What does this mean and is there another method to find out if I passed? Thanks in advance for any replies.


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Did you try again? Maybe in your nervousness, you typed your last name in the first name spot or misspelled it or something. I would go back and try again. I think you can also pay for unofficial results on the PearsonVue website, if they are who you tested through. Hope you find out soon. Waiting sucks.


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I would not go off the website at all...when a girl I went through school with looked on the website nothing came up but when she called the number to verify, her certification number came up and that is how she knew she still does not come up on the ncbon website, not stress until you know something for sure!!!! (I too keep inputting my name and everything in since I took it on the 2nd) and call the number to see,,.,Also remember today was a holiday and with the weekend it down even more!!!!!!!!

Take care!


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