How do I become an aesthetics nurse?

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What is the first thing I need to do to get into Aesthetics as a registered nurse with my ASN?

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I advise anyone with an ASN to obtain a BSN degree, as it can offer more opportunities for advancement in the future.

First, you must get hired into a medical spa, dermatologist's office, or similar business. Training to be an aesthetics nurse is primarily on-the-job training. Certification is available, but only once you've gained experience in the field.

Job qualifications typically require applicants to hold a valid nursing license and have 1-2 years of nursing experience. Some employers prefer hiring nurses with aesthetic experience, but others are willing to provide training.

People-friendly skills are important. It is worth noting that some employers seek nurses with sales skills, as they are expected to promote and sell products and procedures.

Under medical supervision, and depending on your state's regulations, RNs perform many cosmetic procedures such as Botox injections, collagen replacement therapy, IV infusions, microneedling, microdermabrasion, lasers, chemical peels, photofacials, tattoo removal, CoolSculpting, and more

Here's some FAQs I answered in a previous article:

How to become a cosmetics nurse

  • Do I need to be an aesthetician to become a cosmetics nurse?

 You do not need to be an aesthetician. A registered nurse with specialized training in skincare and cosmetic procedures has surpassed the training of an aesthetician.

  • Do I need a license to become a cosmetics nurse?

You don't need a special license. Because cosmetic nursing is a relatively new and rapidly evolving field, an industry-standard training path hasn't been finalized as it has for most other nursing specialties.

Currently, no separate licensing is needed for a Registered Nurse to become a cosmetics nurse.

It is within most states' nursing scope of practice to perform many cosmetic procedures with proper oversight. You need training on specific procedures. Product manufacturers provide training and treatment-specific certification in specific procedures, but most states do not require treatment-specific certification or licensing.

Training is also provided on the job under the oversight of a physician. On-the-job training is preferable to paid courses by many nurses because it's free, and learning takes place in a real-life clinical setting.

While some employers prefer to hire nurses with outpatient surgical experience, many hire new grads and train them on the job.

I hope this helps, and good luck!

Nurse Beth