How hard is it to swith nursing specialties or fields?


There are so many fields of nursing I am interested in but each one requires a different level of nursing knowledge. I know I want to start out in a hospital but eventually I did want to move to somewhere that will allow days and weekends off but thats later down the road. My question is how hard is it to change from one field to another? I am so scare I will chose a field and then I will be stuck there because it will be to hard to change fields.

Pangea Reunited, ASN, RN

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That depends on the market in your area and what you're switching from or to. I think med/surg is a solid foundation for just about anything, though.

CrunchRN, ADN, RN

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If you work hard at it you will be able to change if you wish.

KelRN215, BSN, RN

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Your fears are unfounded. Nurses are educated as generalists. The specific knowledge you need for each specialty will be learned on orientation.