How hard is it to get into Lehman's Accelerated Nursing Program?

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Hi All,

I'm currently a second degree student at Lehman and I really want to get into the accelerated nursing program at Lehman but I'm feeling really down because everyone says it's way too competitive to even get in. I've spoken to a couple of advisors in the department who reiterated this. I've also heard from students who stopped applying because they say it's too hard to get in. So I want to hear from any of you currently in the program or trying to get into the program. What were the stats for those who were accepted for this past 2014 cycle? What were the undergrad and pre-req GPAs for those of you accepted, how about your HESI scores? My GPA is 3.4 in my undergrad degree (on the low end I know), however my science GPA is a clean slate, and I'm averaging an A so far in my science pre reqs. What do you think my chances are with that GPA, honestly? I'm still going to apply to other schools, but Lehman is my top. But right now, with everything I'm hearing about admissions, I'm feeling real down like I'm not competitive enough so I just need some cold hard advice/truth.

Side note: How about those currently at Hunter, what were your stats and do you think I may have a better chance there or at any other school/s?

Thanks you all in advance, this process can be so stressful at times.


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No one here can answer that. You need to just apply. If you meet the requirements to apply then do it. You cannot let talk interfere with what you want to do. If you do not apply you will not get in. And how do you define "hard to get into"? Meaning they have high expectations? GOOD! You should be happy they do not let non hackers in. Embrace the challenge. Work hard. Your chances to get in if you do not apply. 0%.


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I was also considering Lehman accelerated as well. From the information that I gathered from searching the boards and former students, the average GPA is about 3.7-3.8 range but I think that is for the pre req, not your previous degree. They also look at strong entrance exam scores so basically high pre req GPA + high test scores = strong probability of getting accepted. This is what I get anyway. I have a 3.2 GPA from my previous degree but my pre req will be about 3.7 so your grades are better than mine and I am still thinking of applying regardless. Apply and see what happens. You may actually get accepted. Good luck