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How is Grade for Penn foster

Can any one tell me if Penn Foster info literacy is given a pass or fail on transcripts to Excelsior, or is the grade factored into your gpa. I could not find any info on this.

I don't think any courses factor into the GPA at EC except their own stuff. They had all that junk of mine from other schools and it really seems to me their GPA was only for their stuff. Either way, nothing spectacular. I just want to get done with them. They don't let people tailor their transcripts any more, so no advantages as far as I'm concerned.

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I believe Penn Foster gives a letter grade -- Lisa just posted that she got an "A" on the Penn Foster info lit course. Excelsior factored all letter-graded transfer credits into my total program GPA from the beginning. CLEPs are pass/fail, but the CLEP test score is also included on the official transcripts.


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