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How to go about applying when I don't have my license number yet...


I am a newly certified CNA looking for work. I'm just wondering from experienced CNA's here, how to go about applying when I don't yet have my license number or anything. Do most places give you a considerable amount of time if hired to wait for license to come through? I am still planning on applying my butt off but I know I will have a better chance if I had my license already. Thanks in advance!


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They generally want you to have within a couple of months. I would go ahead and apply. It might take a little while for anyone to call you back, so by that time you might have your number.

You could also bring in proof of passing your exam if they need to see something.

I just completed my CNA course, and I was surprised to learn from my preceptor that I could take a month or longer to get my certification. He said not to bother applying until I have that number. Can anyone tell me about how long that would take? How frustrating to be ready to go, and I can't do anything!

well there are some employers out there that will hire with out having your license number but I just don't know how to go about applying and which ones are most likely to hire me...but I am a go getter so if I have to harrass people to get hired then so be it lol.

The number is usually your ss # with one letter behind it. You just need to give them your ss # and they can look it up in the system, plus the place where you tested should have given you a "temp" one.

I got my official one about 2 wks after i passed.

I was able to go on my states official registry website and pull it up by using my name and social. It took a couple days to be posted, but it posted before I got anything in snail mail. The ability to pull it up on the internet yourself may depend on your state though.