How to get "recruited" into states that need nurses?


Hello everyone-

I'm one of those new grads that is having a hard time getting that first job. I feel blessed that I am able to relocate and I have heard people talk about states, such as Texas, Wisconsin, Iowa, New Mexico, that are "actively recruiting" and will take new grads. Well, does anyone know how I get recruited? The deal is this, it has taken me months to understand the market in California and the thought of starting over in a new state, especially a state I know very little about, is daunting. If there is a dire need somewhere, I would much rather be recruited and just go.

Does anyone have any information that would be helpful?

Thank you!!!


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Try Detroit Michigan, Yes they are hiring the pay is good and they have new grad training programs once you have your year in, it will get a little easier for you to land a job in another state. There is tons of over time available here and the cost of living is not as high as California. Try applying at Henry Ford, DMC hospitals etc

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I moved from California to Texas in 2005. There's an abundance of nursing jobs here, but your chances of getting hired are better if you already have a Texas license.

Hello newgrad82,

I'm new to this site, but I'm not new to what you're going through. I'm also a new grad and I am in the same boat ('first nursing job woes') for quite some time. I'm at the point of just packing my bags and relocating where new nurses are needed. If only my family would be amenable to the idea...

Just letting you know that you're not alone in this difficult time. I'm sending positive thoughts your way. I know I couldn't send you any private messages as of yet, but later on I could share more.

BTW, I live in the Bay Area (doesn't this give you an idea? :wink2:).



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I have applied for state hospital and got hired. the entire process will take about 2-3 months. I don't know if it's the same process every where, but, this hospital had multiple step procedure.

1) two oral / written interviews

2) drug screening

3) criminal back ground check

4) physicals

5) physical fitness test ( was the hardest one, I failed first time, but, passed second time)

so, you know now. but, my sincere advice for you is - to try to find a job in a hospital setting unless otherwise you are highly interested with state employment.

According to my experience, I am feeling like it's not worth it. I waited for 3 months and went through the whole process, but, when I found out about my starting date, I am struggling making my decision. I really don't like the area that I am going to work (psych/ with inmates).

the positive ponts about the job are:

$7000-8000 / mo

great health benifits that start right from the date u start working

3 months of accomidation for nominal rent ($125/mo) including utilities

very inexpensive place to live

NO CONTRACT. can leave any time with 30 days notice.

all you have to think is about your interest to work in this area.

hope this helps you,

Good luck.


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The best way is to just start sending quick emails to the recruiters or HR departments. I found that the ones that were interested got back to me right away. Those places were Indianapolis, many Michigan hospitals, Wisconsin, and North Carolina. There are probably more, but those were the only ones of interest to me. Basically, the more desirable of place to live, the harder it is to get a job as a new grad. CA is always going to be a hard market because after the downturn, all the nurses that went away to get experience will want to come back, and there will be plenty of new grads as always.


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Hey bouncy-

I would love to talk to you about the state hospital process. I have already had an interview at one and have 2 more interviews set up. I can't PM you until you have 15 posts but I think you could PM me. I would love to talk to you about it.



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Congrats on passing that physical fitness exam! I too did not pass the 1st time. They said I could retake again but I am still on-the-fence about whether or not to try again. That Physical test is the only obstacle I have. I am thinking about retaking again if I don't get any other job offers soon.

How did you physically prepare for 2nd retake? I am thin, petite, in good physical health.


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I cannot PM you either.Sorry to post again but I have another question for you: How did you find a place for "nominal rent($125/mo)"? That is a heck of a good deal.

I think I know which hospital you are referring to, by the way---the average monthly rent for a 1 bedroom apt in that area was about $900, ultilities not included in most apts.

Hope everything is going well, let us know how you're doing.


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Hi jujube and newgrad81, ofcourse,

I am sorry for the delay. yeah. the studio ws given by the hospital. they provide accomidation for 3 mos for all of their new employees. we can stay there for 3 mos. and ofcourse, I have to find a place within 90 days. for physical fitness, I did the following.

1) first of all, gain cardiac strength : (every day) AM

- start with walking 2,3,4 miles within certain time. for example, I started waking 5 miles in an hr.

- then, start running to achive the same goal within 30 mins to 20 mins.

this whole transition should happen gradually and smoothly.

2) find a gym. do the fallowing every alternate day, PM

start with light wts, increase wt gradually, for exapmle, I started with 30lbs, 3 sets, 1 min each, and 30 times/min. increase the intensityand add wts as you go.

- build upper body strength (day-1) and lower body strength(day-2)by lifting the weights that I explained, you will have a day in between for muscle recovery.

- do 1 hr of spinning bike on the day you do upper body drills.

Diet and rest are very important.

Diet: self (120lbs)

Breakfast: fat free milk w/ whole grain cereal, 1 apple, 2 egg whites,

2 liters of water while AM exercise, one banana after exercise to replace K, a protien shake for fast muscle recovery.

Lunch: steamed brown rice w/ vegs, 2 egg whites, yogurt, lentle soup etc

Dinner: same as above.

things to remember:

1) drink plenty of water to flush out all the lactic acid that is been collected during the exercise.

2) sleep well - growth harmone that released during the sleep will promote fast muscle recovery.

3) keep monitorig your HR before, during and after to see it it's in acceptablel range.(ie 220-your age = acceptable HR), some times it might be little over, but, don't get nervous. you should be fine as long as you don't feel abnormal symptoms such as SOB, dizziness, vomiting sensation etc.

4) make it a routine, be consistent. it pays u off. trust me I devoted myself because I didn't have any other offers except this job. of course ,I had a better offer just before I passed this test.

hope this might help you,

please ask me questions if u have any.

good luck


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Gee Whiz, what kind of physical fitness test do they put you through? Sounds like you have to be as fit as Superman to get hired! How realistic is that?

Vicky :rolleyes:


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Thank you so much! I am very happy you got the job--you deserve it after working hard:up:

I will definitely follow your advice. At this point, I don't have any other job offers out there so I have to try to pass this physical. I wish you and Newgrad82 the very best too. :)


Yes, it's almost the same test (with a few modification) that is administered to correctional officers/police officers (a correctional officer told me this). It does sound like overkill but then again, it's psych inmates there. Scary.

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