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How to get into NI

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Medsurg nurse with 1.5 years experience here. Want to get into nursing informatics, don't know where to start.

Can anyone shed any light on how they started their informatics career? I am currently looking at getting the graduate certificate vs the masters.

Anyone got an informatics job without either?

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Look at the questions on this forum as your same exact question has been asked in the past numerous times, and detailed answers have been given.

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Well, I know two people with two different paths. 

#1- a BS in Nursing and got a Masters in Medical Informatics. (Director of Clinical Analytics) She makes 130k!! 

#2 - a BS in Health Information Management and did an Accelerated BSNprogram in one year. (Informatics Registered Nurse) She makes 108k a year!!

(yeah, I did ask the salary provided because I did it as a research project in college for Freshman Seminar.)

Recently, I was trying convince my friend who has gotten rejected from the Nursing program thrice to get a BS degree in CS/IS/CIS or something highly tech related then do the Accelerated BSN program in one year. The nursing programs at the regular pace are HIGHLY competitive. The Accelerated BSNprograms are still competitive but not as competitive as the regular paced ones. Moreover, the sole focus is on nursing and gaining clinical experience. Not the college campus experience. 

I, too am considering an Accelerated BSN program. I am finishing my degree in Computer Science soon and I am interested in Nursing Informatics. 


Two things stood out to me as important when talking to these people:

1 Clinical Experience.

2. IT knowledge and Skills Sets (Programming ability in SQL, Java, Python, etc.. and Data Analytics)

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