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Ok I am currently in a CNA program. I have never worked in health care before and I can not seem to get a job doing anything in a hospital. Does anyone have any pointers as to how ou get on? I really would like to get a job ASAP even if it is clerical for now. My boss is going to have problem with me needing to leave early next quarter. I figure best thing to do is bow out now so that I'm not left looking for a job without one.


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I had the same problem a year ago. I used to apply to my local hospitals and never got called back.....until I started calling myself. And not just the HR department (they gave me the run-around treatment), I have called the DON of the Units I applied to. I got hired after I talked to the first DON, She loved that I called. I am still working there. Just call the units you are applying to, thats my advice.


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Thanks! I am going to work on my resume at lunch and then I will call once I apply for a position. Great Idea!

Thanks again.


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To butt in here.... when you call, ask what additional requirements the hospital may have for CNAs. In the one where I live, CNAs have to take a 2-day Phlebotomy course before starting and an ECG course (which is 2-4 weeks) in the beginning of their employment. Good luck to you!


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I just went through this, went with the past experience though and am doing clerical. Should be getting the job offer within the next few hours I'm praying. It's a children's hospital which I'm even more excited about. We'll see...I went on 2 interviews and the one last week was 2 hours long. Lordy.


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:eek: A 2 hour interview???? I would be a nervouse wrack! I don't mind doing interviews but tha is like sit in!!! :lol2: I have spoken to 2 hospital's that told me to e-mail my resume' right way. I guess that is a good thing. They kind fo did a mini interview on the phone I told them I was making a career change and had no experiance. One said it didn't really matter they would train me for 6 weeks. So I'm waiting to hear back from my brother on if my resume' is up to snuff! 3 of the hospital's I have to go in and fill out an application and attach my resume'. Of course they accept resume's M-W 10a - 2p. I will just have to take a day off work and go around and fill out applications! I will make it in at some point they will get tired of me!!



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i suggest trying a nursing home I know its not the best place to work but it can help with the skills and getting used to the terms and sometimes the meds if you can find a cool rn that wouldnt mind helping you out.( letting you look at the meds sheet and asking questions.) also it would show them that your serious.


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This post really helped me get an idea of what I may need to do this summer. If I don't get into nursing school this time around I will need to get a job and work until I do get in. I am done taking prerequisites for my BSN and totally burn out on school. I have worked as a receptionist before and I currently volunteer at the hospital so I was thinking of trying for a clerical position. Most of the positions say they require medical terminology but if that is the case they offer a 3-4 week medical terminology course at the community college. Taking that would be no big deal after all my science courses!


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I'm also trying to find a health-care job!! I have applied to tons at the hospitals but they get so many. Do all you guys have you CNA? I have no CNA, should I get one to get a job?

What do you do at a hospital with no experience?



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I spent 7,000 for a medical assistant course back when I was younger learned everything from drawing blood to ekg's etc... applied to atleast 12 different places and they said well you have no experience, we want experienced people. Well so that 7k meant nothing and how am I suppose to get experience if no one will give it to me?? Needless to day that was money down the drain.


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I have apllied to s few of the nursing homes and assisted living center's around my house. At this point I have decided taht some experiance is better then nothing. I have also applied for clerical postion's. I have alredy taken Medical Term so I'm good to go in that field. It is annoying that they all need so much help and it is so hard to find a job. I can't get the experiance I need if no one will give me a chance. A family member of mine wrote me cover letter..

I understand I have no formal training. However I am skilled in multitasking, wipping hind ends, changing diapers, feeding, being thrown up on and cleaning it up, disruptive behavior and general care giving duties.:lol2:

Of course we both got a great laugh out of. Please don't throw me to the dogs I understand perfectly well that a ton more is involved with any position's in health care. This just gave us a good laugh.