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Hi. Just wondering how others give/get report. I am a new grad and we are just trying out something new where I work. Before the change, it was nurse to nurse wherever you could find a private place. For a few weeks, it was a team effort. A few to a team and everyone listened to everyone's report. That didn't go over well at all.

Now the new thing is the RP (charge nurse) gets the "hot spots" from each nurse and then we all have report together where she gives report by exception on each patient on our unit. We hear everyones, but only the hot spots. I am not sure if this is new policies that JCAHO will be enforcing eventually or what. I guess it helps so when we cover on breaks and lunches we know what is going on with all the patients.

Anyone else do it like this? Like it? Hate it? BTW, it is a couplet care unit.



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We use Voice care and we love it.


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It varies in my unit. We usually try to tape then everyone hears the entire report. If it is really busy we give a verbal which takes longer because people tend to chat and sometimes you have to give report to more than one nurse. We have a rule that report is supposed to be no more than one minute per pt. We also get medical care plans that are up to date on each pt from the computer. It has all the labs, meds, orders, consults etc. It works for us.

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We use Voice care and we love it.
:uhoh3: Hi, I just have to ask what is voice care. I have never heard of that. Is is just another name for taped report? Sorry, you know curosity killed tha cat(hee-hee):rotfl:

We just do a verbal report and give pertinent info to the nurse coming on.

We just do a verbal report and give pertinent info to the nurse coming on.


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We do nurse to nurse. We are a small LDRP that does about 830 deliveries a year.


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We had voice care but just recently got rid of it. It didn't work in our unit. I think we just had too many people with negative attitudes who didn't want it to work. I thought that is was fine but I do prefer face to face report because that way you can ask questions.

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