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Hi I am an RN here in the phil and currently undergoing a training in one of the govt tertiary hospitals in Manila.. MY auntie who lives in Canada called me this morning and asked me what my plans are as a RN. I said, I would like to go to Canada and work there. But my auntie said, it is not as easy as it seems and suggested me to take a six month Caregiving course and be a nanny there instead.

Honestly, I dont have an idea how and where to start with my application. Is it still possible to apply directly as a nurse in Canada? What are the steps? What about my auntie's suggestion to apply as a nanny first? Is it a good idea? Thank you so much. :yeah:

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I would say do not listen to your Aunt but apply to the province you want to work in as a RN. Why waste your training? Each province has their own requirements so will depend on where you want to work. There are also a couple of threads discussing working in Canada and suggest a good read in them

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Your aunt hasn't got a clue.

Get the application forms to migrate at the Cdn. Consulate. Figure out which province is attractive to you and as Silverdragon say's apply to the College of Nurses there and see where your education lies in regards to Cdn. standards.

Provinces are cutting back on IENs and that is probably what your Aunt is referring to in an indirect way. Our economy is suffering. Not as bad as the US, but part time nurses are looking for full time positions, casual nurses are looking for part time positions for the benefits for their families. There just isn't as many vacancies as the rest of the world imagines there to be.

Thank you so much for the replies. So the best thing to do is to go to Canadian Consulate here in the Philippines and inquire about the province where I would want to work? I am still confused. If I was lucky to get to Canada, will I be able to work right away as a nurse or how long would it take me to study there the Nursing course again? Thank You so much!

Your aunt is nuts. :-)

Many are enticed to go to Canada as caregivers aka nanny route, since this apparently is the fastest way to get into that country. But fastest is not always best. If you become a live in caregiver for let's say 3 years, those years are not considered nurse related work experience. So the college of nurses (in canada) upon reviewing your application and seeing you did not practice nursing all those years will obviously deny your application. Moreover, as a caregiver Your salary will fall below the poverty line and you will not have health insurance.

IMO if you really want to pursue nursing as a career then go to the country/state/province/planet where you can practice nursing.

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You can find all the answers to your questions here in one thread or another. Start by reading this: then read this: and then this: After you're done with those, read this: then this: then this: and then this: and this: ...

There is no reason for anyone to write pages and pages of information for you on this thread when it is already here somewhere. I pulled all of these threads together in under 5 minutes. Did you do any reading here, as Silverdragon102 suggested, or just skip that step? Once you've read all the responses to these threads, if there are questions that haven't been answered then come back and we'll see what we can do, but please take some responsibility for searching on your own.

may I know what province is your Aunt in Canada?

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