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How to find out if you passed or not

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I have been reading the posts on here (very helpful!) and have noticed that many people say they found out they passed from the state nursing boards, etc.

I take my NCLEX-RN on Monday and of course will be trying not to freak out and check the computer every 5 minutes but obviously want to know as soon as possible. My question is do you just go to your BON site and then check under the licensure section by typing in your name and seeing if something comes up or is there another way to do it?

Thanks for your replies and cross your fingers for me at about 11:30 on Monday! Meanwhile, I will be here trying not to have an anxiety attack before then :uhoh3:

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I'm in Mississippi and I've been told by other nurses that you can go to the board of nursing website and do a nurse inguiry. Type in your last 4 of your SSN and last name and if a number pops up that is your liscense # and you passed. That's what I've been doing.

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