How do you find a job as a CNA w/ no experience?

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Most places I've searched require that a CNA have a minimum of one year's experience. I've just obtained the license, so now what? Do I volunteer to attain experience as a CNA? Please, any suggestions, advice, whatever would be great!


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I've found that you've really got to work in LTC first. They're the most willing to train new aides. I know that i really wanted to work in a hospital first but i just couldn't find one that would accept no experience but i got hired right on in LTC.

Let me know how your search goes! Good luck!

I agree with DorothyAnn.... around here (midwest), the LTC facilities even offer CNA's sign-on bonuses.

I'd call around, make sure they definitely want the one year's experience, it may depend on how desperate they are. By me, they're screaming for CNAs. One hospital by me actually trains people themselves. If you were a good student in school, they may take you based on your potential.

My first CNA job was in a doctor's office. I didn't have any experience but I applied anyway, and ended up getting it really fast.

My advice would be to apply anyway, and if given an interview really sell yourself. Say how good you did in school, ANY other health care experience you have... what your future has to hold etc. It's possibable, it just takes a while.

Good luck! Let me know how it goes!

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Call HR in the hospitals. Could be they are flexible for the right person.

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My first CNA job was in a LTC, I walked in the door to pick up an application was interviewed and hired on the spot, started 4 days later. It wasn't my dream job, the enitre time I worked there I kept applying to hospitals and after 11 months I got hired as an ER tech. Someitmes you just have to put in your time and gain experience before you are able to get the job that you really want.

I agree, you might need to work at a LTC facility for a while before a hospital might hire you. It is still worth applying to hospitals even if they state they want more experience than you have. I have heard of hospitals hiring new CNA grads. Assisted living centers are also another option for you to look into if your not interested in the classic LTC nursing home. Home health agencies usually require some experience, but again they are worth applying to. I don't know if you had to do CNA clinical hours at a facility before receiving your license. If so, that facility might like to hire you!

Best of wishes to you!

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Just keep applying is my best advice. It took my current empoyer over a year to finally call and hire me. The unit was dying for help and HR was super s l o w to actually get the positions filled.

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Around here (western PA) most hospitals will train, don't care about experience. If you want to work in the hospital long term and not a nursing home, I would try to start there.

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