How to find ambulatory surgery jobs


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Hi Everyone,

I am trying to find a job in ambulatory surgery. My background is BSN, 2.8 yrs in adult primary care clinic and 5 months in pysch inpatient. Where do you suggest I start to look for work? All the postings I see all require OR, PACU, ER, ICU acute experience which I don't have and can't get because they too want specific area experience.

I'm hoping to find a place that will train me.

Thank you in advance,

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Where I work you would probably need more acute care experience. I honestly don't think ASC is especially hard. I don't think you need to have ICU/CCU skills. But to work pre-op you need to have some experience in starting IV's. (In some ASC's anesthesiologists start all the IV's.) In PACU while the patients are 99.9% very stable a nurse with some acute care skills is a better fit.

You could look into working in an out patient gastroenterology clinic or a clinic that only does cataracts. Those types of clinics are very fast paced. The patients are (should be) very stable and are (kind of) rushed in, and rushed out the door 1/2 hour after the procedure.

You could try to find a class in starting IV's to add that to your resume. Also get ACLS and even PALS certified.

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Maybe try to get on at a hospital in Medical Surgical then when able try and transfer to OR, PACU, or Pre-op for experience.