How to Find an Agency?


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How do you all go about finding the various nurse staffing agencies operating in your area? Do you look in the phone book or what? So far it seems like a strictly word of mouth types thing to me. If there is a listing some place I sure would like to know about it.

Thanks for any information.


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I have received numerous direct mail invitations, particularly when an agency is just coming into town. Usually they buy the lists from the state boards and mail post cards or other recruiting material to everybody with a license in the area. Occasionally (not very often for some; regular basis for others) there will be an ad in the newspaper. I have looked in the yellow pages of the phone book also. Recently I managed to find a complete list of agencies for my state, but I don't remember how I got it (site) from the internet. I was surfing around and came across it. I would think I would have got it from the official govt site. You might want to contact your prof board or the govt auth that agencies answer to in your state. One local agency is so well off that they engage in a lot of advertising, including TV and billboard ads at bus stops. Other than that, like you said, the best usually is word of mouth.

You can also try the Employment Development Dept. people. They are supposed to know who the employers are. After all, it is their job to help you get employment. Good luck.

Oh, I forgot to mention that many acute care hosp have home health depts. too.


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In my opinion, word of mouth is by far the best way to find a quality agency. The amount an agency advertises says very little. They may have tons of openings, they may have trouble holding on to their people, they may have a huge coporate purse or they may have a poor reputation among the agency community so need "fresh meat". The point is that advertising means very little.

Sources of "Word of mouth":

1.) Area facilities. Ask them who they use and prefer to call first for help.

2.) Area agency nurses. Who do they work for and why?


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I think the best way to find a agency is on the internet. They usually have pretty good sites. My favorite agency is based out of PA but always gets me a awsome experience.

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Word of mouth did it for me. I work in a hospital full time, but most nurses have second gigs. One nurse came and gave me cards for three agencies and I signed up for one. That has been very successful for me thus far. I do plan to search for more agencies when I have time, but this one seems to fit nicely in my life.

I agree, most of the agencies that I have belonged to have been by word of mouth. I will usually ask Agency nurse I work with who are they with and if they like them or not.

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