How does your facility identify DNR's???

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I have worked in various facilities, each with a different system to notify staff that a patient has a DNR order signed and charted. I like the color coded bracelet and color dot on chart and on name tag on the door. Most of the unit clerk's I have worked with have complained this is "too much work." What does your facility use?

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My unit is a tele unit. DNR is entered onto the monitor screen. It is also clearly printed on the assignment sheets we print for ourselves.

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We have a red arm band for the pt, a red DNR sticker on the tele monitor and on the assignement board a red square around the pt's room number.

Our stickers are hot pink to differentiate from the blood bank bands. The armband is marked with a hot pink marker (we use one band with color markings for dysphasia, fall risk, DNR, latex allergy, drug/food allergy). There is a tab in each chart labeled "Advance Directive" so that information can be retrieved quickly and is always in the right place (hopefully). The monitor is also labeled "DNR", but of course the nurse still has to know what the directive states.

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I worked a facility that had us place a dark blue armband (hopefully with a name label on it). We also labeled the chart with a DNR sticker that stated what flavor of DNR (full dnr, no intubate, chem code only and blank space for more specific), the sticker also had the date it was written and which MD for easy reference so we could look up the order easily. If pt was monitored they were to have a sticker by there name up on the screen, also a big alert note on the Kardex.

But we had arm band overload there. The right kind of patient could have a regular name armband, a DNR blueband, an orange fall precautions band, a armband with allergies listed on it, and a blood band.

We, too, had armband overload. Pedi patients were a challange. Now we have ONE band, unless patient needs red band from the Blood Bank. That is not optional. Also, we use Meditech to print barcodes for patients and put a page in each chart on admit (can add pages later). If pt.'s band has to be changed or removed ANYONE can replace it if they have access to chart. That way bands cut off in surgery do not result in unconscious pt. with no ID. Can also use barcode for swiping info into handheld computers for medication admin, into glucometer, patient locater---This has been a great idea for the facility.

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