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Hi! Im working at the ER in one small town! How the doctors treating a nurses everything depend from their personality some of them are so bizarre but some are so good and they treat as at the same leves with doctors, but may opinion is that in the case that they are treating as badly and we are so soft with them they will continu that but if on the satrt we gone stop probebly they will change they behavier beacuse most of the doctors they thinking that nurses are a fried from tham.


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i work in accident and emergency. I agree you should look at yourself before point your finger onto others. If you are no wrong, must tell the doctor/s back politely (as to show our our profesionalism). Some doctor/s nose just naturally groen at the head, and maybe due to the nursing dosmeticity ideology, they tend to look down on us. We must let them know we are collegues, work for patients. But not their subordinate.

One day, when i take a over from a exceptionally busy morning shift at observation room. I found that there were few patients with particular doctor was not review since they had been at observation room for more than 3 to 4 hours! X-rays was not review, nothing had been done! i call the doctor and ask her would she mind to come to obx rm to review your patient. She shout on me and ask me to i should send the x-ray to her room instead. I explained to her that i'm the only nurse at obv room, i can't just abandoned my 15 patients here but just send you the film. please be more understanding.. She subsequently just go to complaint to senior doctor on duty. My god!!


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I have worked with a couple kind doctors in ten years. The vast majority of doctors ignore/mumble at us and basically treat us as though we are inconsequential - they don't abuse us, but have seen the same nurses for ten years and still don't know our name. They definitely don't respect our opinions and treat us as though we are handmaidens.

A couple are downright abusive - screaming, throwing charts. I've known two nurses to be physically assaulted by a physician at my hospital - one was hit with a chart in the head and the other was pushed hard by a doctor during a pediatric IV start. In both cases, the hospitat higher ups "talked down" the nurses from filing criminal charges.

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The docs I see are polite and professional. I haven't experienced anything worthy of reality TV theatrics.

I see doctors and nurses like high school students that sit at different tables in the cafeteria. There is a distance there. Nurses may socialize with each other outside work, but seldom with the doctors.

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