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How Do You Know When You Are Ready To Take Nclex?

I have been out of school since the end of November, graduated on December 10th. I have been studing off and on but really started to get into it.. Im scheduled to take the Nclex on 2.28. I dont know if I want to wait that long. I dont know if it will make a big difference. Im scoring 70% nothing lower or higher on my CD Rom and the NSCBN. Program on line.. Maybe im just anxious.. How do I know when Im ready. OR will I ever know...:o

I don't think you'll ever feel 100% ready. I knew it was time when I was just flat out sick of studying. Seemed like 90% of the stuff on my test was information I would have never studied if I waited 10 years to take it. It's more having the ability to figure things out than pure knowledge IMO. Frankly, I think the test is a waste of time and stress but what do I know.

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