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How to deal with staff who don't like you?

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I am a New Nurse, so I am casual when I pick up shifts at the Retirement Home. So far I feel like I am bullied because the Support workers when they give me advice they have some sort of attitude in their tone. When I start the shift to count the narcotics they all look at me asking questions if I am new (of course I am) then they seem all upset because its going to make their jobs harder helping me out. It's discouraging honestly.


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As discouraging as this is this behavior is fairly common and has been my experience also. Since this is posted in 'Men in Nursing' section let me just add I doubt it is bc you are male, I am female and this has happened quite often to me as well. In my experience the best way to handle this is just to be professional and respectful and give it some time. CNA's work very hard already and just like us do not like extra work. Also, I have seen nurses come into a facility and treat them disrespectfully, with their own attitude so they may be a little defensive at first. They will get to know you and things will settle down. My advice is just to go with the flow for a while and see if it works itself out before trying to step in etc. (Of course if it is affecting pt care you may need to). Good luck!


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In my experience, male nurses are more widely accepted in the ER/ICU, corrections, psych. I worked in nursing homes as a new grad and was treated like absolute garbage by female LPN's and old RN's. Life's too short to stick it out in LTC with a bunch of negative nurses. Good luck!

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