How critical is chemistry to passing micro?

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I went to school @ a technical college which did not require chemistry, just microbiology and A&P. You should be fine without it unless you want to further your education in which case you might consider taking it now. Just study & good luck.


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I'm revisiting this thread just now and finally made a decision. I was going to double up and take Anatomy and Chemistry in the fall, and then Micro and Physiology in the Spring. However, I think it would be easiest if I took each required class (anatomy, physiology, microbiology) by themselves and just added in easy classes with them (Speech, basic English class, etc.). That way, I can just focus on ONE science class per semester to make sure I get the best grade I can in each class. I'll be starting this summer with Anatomy.

Which means, for now, chemistry is out. I'll probably take it during the semester I apply to nursing schools, just to give myself the extra education.

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That is a smart choice.


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I took micro, and then the next semester physio, and lastly chemistry. Chemistry was a requirement for all of the nursing schools that I was going to apply to but I took it as one of my last prereq. I did fine in both micro and physio without having chemistry first. I had only taken chemistry for half a year in high school 20 years ago. You will do fine in those classes if chemistry is not a requirement. You might just need to review the basics a little.


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I took general chem I and II and organic chemistry and those classes did not have an impact on my micro class. There was a chemistry related chapter in my micro class, but VERY basic. I am taking micro right now and I can't think really think of anything that really ties into chemistry except that one chapter. Chemistry is more math and micro is memorization.

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