How can Walden be an MSN program???

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Hey all my fellow RN's..

I am looking into online MSN programs and dont understand something. Walden University now is an Masters of Science program but there is NOT one pharm class or anatomy or anything like that. Any other MSN school that I have looked into online or not has pharm, anatomy, pathophysiology even the ones that are MSN in nurse education just like Walden. I can go to Walden and get away with taking all these hard classes? Is that a little weird?:bugeyes::uhoh3::idea:

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1. Schools have a lot of leeway in determining their own curricula. That's even more true at the graduate level than it is at the undergraduate level because it is assumed that you are a competent/safe nurse before you enter the program. You will see a lot of variation at the graduate level.

2. Don't assume that all science courses are difficult and that non-science courses are easy. It all depends on the individual school and the individual instructor.

3. Pick the program that suits your career goals best ... and that seems to offer "good quality" courses that will help you meet your goals.


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I have an MSN in nursing education--those science courses were not part of my program. This was a positive for me in that those credits were devoted to additional education courses. And yes, some of them were quite challenging.

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As indicated above, there are all types of Master's programs. Yes, there are those in direct clinical areas, but there are also programs in education, administration, informatics, public health, leadership, and ethics that do not require the three Ps (pharmacology, pathophysiology, physical assessment).

Just because a program of study does not have the 3Ps does not mean it is less rigorous.


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thanks for the responces. I see what you all are saying. One more thing..walden is regionally accredited and CCNE accredited, is that ok or is it preferable for me to find something nationally accrediated?


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Hi, all. I am a current student in the MSN Education program at Walden. I too was concerned about the accreditation aspect and did research prior to enrolling. The Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) is national accreditation. (Please see: CCNE is is the credentialing arm of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) and the CCNE accredits only baccalaureate, graduate, and residency nursing programs. In other words, you will not see CCNE for ADN programs.

Also, the regional accrediting bodies have to have US Dept. of Education blessing as well, so regional is a national accreditation, in a way.

Hope this helps. I am a 28 year ADN now 2/3 of the way through Walden's MSN in Education program. I work hard at the curriculum and feel extremely well-educated thus far. For me the online format is great and I feel that the network of collegial relationships I have built so far is wonderful. It is great to discuss nursing with people in such diverse settings. I can honestly say I have made friends:loveya::wink2:; we are currently trying to plan a meeting!


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I agree with LS MARTINRN-I have 6 more class with Walden. I have been challenged and feel I am getting a quality education. I am glad I choose Walden.



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My "bricks & mortar" MSN program had no courses in anatomy, pharmacology, or pathophysiology -- because that was not necessary in the clinical specialty which was the focus of the program. The content of different MSN programs is much more specialized and focused than that of pre-licensure (basic) nursing programs, which are required to all cover the same basic content.

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